Learn How To Cook Low & Slow With Primo Grills

There’s grilling…. and then there is BBQing. You can make incredible food grilling, but some cuts of meat just need that low and slow BBQ cooking to really shine. If you haven’t tried low and slow yet, don’t be intimidated. It’s as easy as keeping your Primo running at a lower temperature, and a bit of patience.

We are going to dive into a Boston pork butt recipe for absolutely delicious pulled pork below, but first it is important to understand how to setup your Primo for low & slow cooking. This video is a great overview on how to get started!

How To Setup for Low & Slow

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Primo Pulled Pork Recipe

Perfectly smoked pork is pulled, seasoned, sauced, and dressed with coleslaw to make this downright delicious sandwich. Hungry yet? You’re going to be after you watch this video. Fire up the Primo, it’s low & slow time!

Low & Slow Accessories 

Ready to give low & slow cooking a go? Use these accessories to get started!

Deflector Plates

Use the Ceramic Heat Deflector Plates in conjunction with the Heat Deflector Racks to convert your Primo into an oven, roaster, or smoker.

Deflector Racks

The Heat Deflector Racks are placed in the Primo Charcoal Grill to hold the Heat Deflector Plates which will allow for indirect cooking.

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