The word is Primo!

The word is certainly getting around that having a Primo Ceramic Grill to compliment your garden/outdoor kitchen area is a first class choice!

With many customers eagerly awaiting for our container to arrive, much of it didn’t even have time to touch down on the warehouse floor before being uplifted by the forklift and dispatched to their new homes.

Every call made to let customers know that their order was on its way was welcomed with delight at the prospect of being able to take delivery of their grill in time for the upcoming weekend, indeed many were already planning what their first cook was going to be and they weren’t waiting until the weekend!

With this news, it will come as no surprise that we are already in the process of putting together another order.

For inspiration and ideas on just what can be achieved on a Primo Ceramic Grill please visit our Facebook and Instagram pages.

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