The Meatstick in the UK

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Introducing... The Meatstick in the UK.

Cochin The Best Wireless Meat Thermometer.

Your meat is never under or over cooked.

Accurate cooking temperatures ensures consistent results.

Available from your nearest dealer and a great asset to your bbq culinary skills.

Visit the  neurontinnorx The MeatStick website…

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How The Meatstick works:

Insert Your MeatStick
Start a new cook on The MeatStick App
Real-time status on your phone
Time to eat!


  • Fully waterproof (Deep-fry, Sous-vide and dishwasher safe)
  • Modular / Expandable System
  • No Pairing Required
  • All phones / tablets nearby can see the temperature
  • Probe comes in 4 different colours to be easily identifiable
  • Probe last 24+ hours on a full charge

Where to get your Meatstick?

Contact your local dealer to get yours.

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